About the Blog

This blog is a mix of topics that interest me.  This includes law, politics, T.V., movies, culture, dinosaurs, zombies, stupid people, music videos, and books.  I try to provide a lighthearted take on these issues, but sometimes I get overly excited and sometimes people fight in the comments and that's kind of awesome because it makes me feel like I'm on The Situation Room.

Common criticisms of this blog are that it: is directionless, doesn't target a narrow enough audience, is named after a B-list horror movie that no one has seen, and is totally self-indulgent.  All of these criticisms are true and most of them come from me.  But, I love all of the subjects I write about, and would hate to limit myself to just one.  Hopefully, you can find something you like here and ignore what you don't.  Use the labels in the side bar to guide you.

If you're so inclined, I wrote a sappier entry explaining the blog for my 100th post, which you can read here.