Wednesday, August 1, 2012

WTF Wednesday: Olympic Stage Moms

I'm sure everyone's been watching the Olympics this week, especially the big prime time (well, prime time if you only watched NBC and avoided the entire internet and most media outlets revealing the scores of those events all day) events of swimming, diving, beach volleyball, and gymnastics.

(Aside, here's Jon Stewart on cable news' ridiculous, ineffectual Olympics "spoiler alerts:")

 For a venue like the Olympics that showcases young adults with abnormal talent, skill, dedication, sacrifice, and hard work, it's inevitable to wonder about the sideline parents who cheered, drove (figuratively and literally), and pushed these exceptional kids.  Are they tiger moms and dads?  Are they victims of hard times who could barely make ends meet to put baby in gymnastics?  Are they absent? Are they fat?  The fascination with parents is so great that The Daily Beast claimed that Olympic moms "stole the show." 

But no one's parents have ever epitomized exactly what we've all secretly pictured and hoped for.  Parents who take the perpetually entertaining trope of the "stage mom" to an entirely new level of vicarious performance. These are Aly Raisman's parents reacting to her uneven bar routine at the Olympics, and today's WTF Wednesday: