Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Motherload

So I'm almost as big a fan of Sarah Silverman as I am of Tina Fey (read: I've never dressed up as her, been mistaken for her, or demanded people call me by her name during drinking games...but I still fantasize about being breast best friends with her).  And I'm a sucker for Parks and Recreation because I love:
  •      TV shows starring Amy Poehler (see also, Upright Citizens Brigade),
  •      primetime TV shows featuring ex-Human Giant cast members (see also, The League),
  •      single-camera mockumentary sitcoms about would-be boring jobs (see also, The Office), and 
  •      the tedium of government employment (see also, my current job).
 So imagine my surprise when today I stumbled upon the motherload: Aubrey's Plaza* of Parks and Rec doing a spot-on impression of Sarah Silverman. Watch it, your jewgina will thank you:

*You may also know her (and Aziz Ansari) from her supporting role in the misnamed "Funny People," aka the most depressing waste of my On Demand $4.95 since "W."

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