Thursday, January 14, 2010

Turded Alllllll Inside My Ski Pants

While preparing to go skiing this weekend (my first time ever), I've been less nervous about my klutziness and inevitable bruises than about appropriate off-the-slopes etiquette. Lucky for me, Saturday Night Live put together this instructional video on sexy ski lodge behavior. Lucky for my fellow skiers, I have some really inventive solo dance moves.

Kristen Wiig (channeling Ann Margret) on last week's SNL:


  1. Ok, I'm officially glad I'm not going on the trip now. You and Charles Barkley have fun. [Barkley]That's ridiculous.[/Barkley]

  2. Me too as well. As someone who's always been the one saying "yes, SHE'S coming" -- I love this.